About Penelope

If you measure life in moments, there is great treasure within the discovery of significance. Let real unconditional love be your guide & not a calendar. It’s all there really is.

Penelope is a Psychic Intuitive Medium and a Spiritual Healer. She is also a Reiki Master and is a dedicated scholar of Mediumship and Psychic, Palmistry and Spiritual Healing.

Penelope has trained with many highly qualified tutors, most of them from the Arthur Findlay College in England. These tutors are some of the most respected Mediums in the world and include:

Tony Stockwell
Lyn Probert
Helen DeVita
Chris Drew
Simone Key
Paul Jacobs
Biagio Tropeano
Sarah Jeffery
Scott Milligan
Christine Morgan

Penelope has even travelled to England to further her studies.

"The more I learn the more I realise my studies will never finish , there’s always something more to learn".
“I believe in being authentic and I read from the hearT”


Penelope has donated her time as a reader to fundraising as a member of the “Healing Team” ( hosted by Julian Glover ) and by offering services as a Healer and Medium at the Canberra Spiritualist Association.

Prices for Readings and Healing: from $90 for 45 mins